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Throughout history man has been confronted with threats to his very existence: his life, his wife and children, his well-being and his fortune have always been at stake. When a man has fame, riches and family he gives hostages to fortune, and this is the reason he looks for a bodyguard, a protector.

It has been proven on numerous occasions that bad PR can undo much hard work and even destroy a corporate image. This in turn may require substantial expenditure of time and money to re-establish, if this can be achieved. PR should never be neglected or after massive investment you could fall foul of public opinion. This has occurred frequently in recent times especially concerning environmental issues.

Organized crime is one of the many threats to the modern economy. The organizations, structure and operations of these criminal fraternity’s make policing and investigation a costly and time consuming task. Most law enforcement agencies only look at serious cases which will offer a confirmed prosecution. BSI aims to ensure that all security measures undertaken are unobtrusive and kept to the required minimum, hereby maintaining a low profile and creating as little disruption to the company as possible.

We will identify and assess coercive threats, implement proactive measures in order to negate a possible situation, adopting a series of logical phases to ensure smooth continuity of business and family life is maintained. For the corporate business and private individuals there is an increasing threat from terrorist, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. For reasons such as kidnap, assassination, blackmail, industrial and corporate extortion and publicity, thus the need for our services are paramount. We will respond with personnel trained to react quickly and appropriately in any given situation. Not only is the VIP or client at risk, so are their families, friends and colleagues. Potential organizations or individuals will search for a weak point if the main target is well protected, or look for a softer target on which to place the pressure.


All threats are serious; there are no "little" threats.

Supplying Security Solutions for the corporate business and private individuals under increasing threat from terrorist, criminals, racists and the unstable nut jobs.


Relationships between BSI and its clients should be continually strengthened through improved communications. These communications must be built on a foundation of honesty, openness and transparency. This will lead to a relationship based on a mutual understanding and trust..

“We will respect and guarantee your personal privacy at all costs, any information submitted to us is safe and will never be distributed or shared with any third party without your prior authorisation”.

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 “There are obstacles & crises’s that occur that no businesses, no matter how resilient, can be expected to deal with alone”

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