The spirit of the Comitatus and the Samurai lives with us still; the code they lived by has not changed.  It is still present, although it may be hidden in an aura of pseudo-sophistication in a world where everyone wants to be like everyone else.  Though the word honour was important in the early codes, it is a word that is used casually today.

Still, anyone who values his own integrity will discover it is an important word.  This is especially true for any individual entering the personal

protection profession: he needs to have the concept of honour and integrity deeply imbedded in his spirit if he is to succeed.  If he hasn’t answered these questions for himself, eventually some assailant will answer them for him.

The bodyguard’s oath is sacred. While protecting a client the bodyguard will share many secrets both personal and business. Possibly he will learn the deep and dark of a clients past, secrets of his private and corporate life. He will learn the hidden fears of his client, perhaps those of his client’s family.

There are skeletons in every closet and the bodyguard will be privy to those under the cloak of confidentiality. The bodyguard will be party to private and business conversations and hear many things that could, if treated without respect, harm his client. Information garnered in this manner is to be retained within the vaults of the bodyguard's integrity and although he hears he does not listen or remember.

The bodyguard takes a vow to protect his client and that vow is the mantel of integrity. It is more than protection from confrontations; it includes protection from danger of all kinds, including the harm the bodyguard could do to his client by revealing secrets.

The bodyguard sells his loyalty, this is his vow.


BSI’s Confidentiality Code - Our Oath.

Why choose B.S.I.

Quiet simply because unlike most other company’s operating within our field we refuse to lower our own standards to make a quick buck or win a contract.


Client & Employee.

We extend the same Company Confidentiality policy to all our employees, their personal life is theirs and we will protect & Respect them and their families privacy.

“We will respect and guarantee your personal privacy at all costs, any information submitted to us is safe and will never be distributed or shared with any third party without your prior authorisation”.

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