Conflict Mitigation.

More often than not the real victims of conflict due to lack of Government structure and/or in Country corruption, security and legal support networks are the civilians and whilst conflict can sometimes bring a change for the better it can also bring major challenges to Humanitarian groups, causing massive loss of civilian lives, terrorism, mass displacement and government breakdown. Economic breakdown then increases the lack of provision of law enforcement and in country security fuelling civil conflict, riots and mass genocide.

Throughout History we have learnt that Civilians tend to be the victims of genocide due to their vulnerability they are easy targets with no means of defence, villages/communities segregated with no governmental support and protection due to Government corruption the become soft targets to their aggressors, causing in some cases total eradication of civilian structures and survivors facing mass displacement, loss of infrastructure, starvation, disease, poverty and becoming even more vulnerable to additional obstacles.

Invisible Silence.

History has taught us a lot but we have learned nothing, humanitarian Aid alone cannot replace political solutions. Reactive Response to incidents is not the answer. Our objective is promoting & securing economic development, resolving internal conflict and enhancing regional in Country control.

Genocide, Human & environmental security are not new challenges and by providing a pro-active response to a wide range of emergency situations we can make a difference.

Services Include specialist Military operated government assignments in areas of national security,  protection of government emissaries to problematic & high risk countries and the protection of sensitive shipments, Installation testing and Protection.


Conflict Mitigation & Human Security.

Governments are calling these despicable acts “new challenges” A reactive response to incidents is not the answer.

Geopolitical & Risk Assessment Procedures

Before considering any activity in new areas, regions or countries you need up to date information, which is accurate and relevant to the client’s interests, eliminating unforeseen pitfalls. We provide detailed surveys and risk assessments which give a clear overall picture. As well as providing specific reports that analyze risks involved with the given location. Sources of information are always cross-referenced to ensure accuracy, utilizing local operational knowledge.

A true warrior doesn’t shoot from out of the dark, hide behind his mother’s bed sheet or pretend that ignorance and bravado can justify their claim to supremacy.

A true warrior does not fight for a “cause.”  He lives for honor and integrity, and to protect those whom may be harmed for another’s “cause.”

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