Kidnap & Ransom.

BSI are established entities Internationally providing a wide range of very specialized intelligence gathering, risk assessment and high-risk security related solutions. As a result of our success and practical approach, we have built a reputation as a provider of unique specialized services. BSI Has an international network compared with a small Government, comprising of full air support capabilities, emergency air ambulance, global legal teams and professional personnel with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to high-risk situations. We are committed to providing a professional and quality service, achieved by innovative and dynamic approaches, through the cross-fertilization of a wide range of resources and technical support. BSI’s capabilities in conducting individual and joint operations with associated professional organizations, ensures that all the client requirements, safety and emotional needs are met.

A key point in all hostage situations is that the jeopardy to the hostage is continuous and uninterrupted until he or she is released. Although the tension may rise and fall it is only an indicator of temporary safety of the hostage and cannot be considered more than that. Because the victim is in constant danger while being held hostage, authorities are legally and morally obligated to secure the hostage’s release at the earliest opportunity. A missed opportunity only subjects the victim to continual danger and potential death.

With the clamp down on the drugs war by various Government agencies through out the world kidnap and ransom has taken over as the main income source for many of the worlds terrorist organizations. A consorted effort by both Government and security agencies is needed to circumvent these situations. Until this is done it is left to international security companies and dedicated Government agencies.

In today’s world bodyguards may face terrorists, criminals, drug dealers, kidnappers or just plain “nut jobs.”


Special Response.


It only takes a few individuals to effect a successful kidnapping.

When a man has fame, riches and a family he gives hostages to fortune.

Most Kidnaps are carried out in order to obtain a ransom or by activists exerting an influence well beyond their conventional military threat. In the majority of cases a resolution is reached by means of negotiation and recoveries are instigated only as a last resort. Statistics show that less than 2% of Kidnap victims are killed and these tragedies occur either at time of abduction or as a result of gun fire during the recovery.

Unfortunately, kidnapping has become a major security issue in several countries outside of North America. In the last several years, statistics have shown an escalation of incidents in Italy, the Philippines, Columbia, Pakistan, and Brazil. Obviously, no one plans on being victimized by this sort of criminal activity. But when it does occur, the financial fallout can be overwhelming to the families involved.

The negotiating team is probably more important than the policy. The policy should provide for both an experienced negotiator and the facilities necessary to ensure that the hostage is returned unharmed.

Once again it must be stated that every effort is made by the negotiator and his team to resolve the incident without the use of force… a recovery will be carried out once all other avenues have been exhausted.

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