Maritime & Anti-Piracy.

The Somali coast has been a threat to Shipping since the the early 1990’s. Several years ago major concern was raised over the increase in Piracy. If you think about it over 90% of the Worlds Food Program shipments arrive by sea and the Pirates have seen a window of opportunity and taken it with great success, the Somali pirates have received over $150 million in ransom money during the 12 months prior to the November 2008 incident.

As a general rule we use, in a military setting, the British UK Special Forces method of threat designation. We have in the past used this to great effect on the protection on major maritime assets overseas. With the movement of the threat designation the implementation of standard operating procedures coinciding with the threat level will be undertaken.

The aggregate total of insured, uninsured, and “offshore registered” vessel losses is estimated to approach $100 million dollars.

Vessels face many varied security threats simply because they are portable high-value assets. Outright theft of a vessel, followed by the burglary of equipment is the primary concerns. There are a myriad of other ways that a vessel can be targeted by those with bad intent.


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The aggregate total of insured, uninsured, and "offshore registered" vessel losses is estimated in excess of $100 million dollars.  

Maritime & Anti-Piracy

According to U.S. State Department officials, 12,000 to 15,000 kidnappings occur yearly in Latin America. The vast majority of incidents are never reported in local or international news outlets. The good news is that most incidents do not involve U.S. citizens, but the odds are increasing. The insurance industry estimates that approximately $40 to $50 million dollars of recreational vessel and marine equipment theft losses occur annually in the U.S. These figures do not take into the account the large number of uninsured or unreported vessel losses.

“In the past few years, Somali pirates started hijacking ships well outside the Gulf of Aden.”.

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