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A leader must institutionalise the process of crisis management to anticipate, prepare and mitigate an impending crisis. To ensure an effective crisis management mechanism leadership support and involvement is absolutely essential. Not all crisis are made up from terrorist attacks; a freak electrical storm or gas leak can devastate a business as much as any bomb threat! Is your company trained and prepared for any eventuality?

We understand that a crisis, if not handled in an effective manner, can have devastating effects on an organization or persons regardless of who they are. BSI  believes that by taking appropriate measures to address any potential crisis will greatly reduce the potential for future incidents and likely damage to an organization’s structure and/or image.

A risk assessment should be carried out in the area where there may be political or social unrest, thus allowing the appropriate security measures and evacuation procedures to be implemented prior to any deterioration of any situation.

By assessing the risks and threats to or your company, whether it is expanding overseas to hostile areas, personal security of executives or conducting internal security tests. BSI will identify and assess coercive threats, implement proactive measures in order to negate a possible situation, adopting a series of logical phases to ensure smooth continuity of business is maintained .Businesses operating in high-risk environments are well aware of the potential threats posed to them and their workforce. Situations may occur when benefits of operating in such areas are threatened by hostile operating conditions. The business may feel they have to close down operations temporarily or even permanently. We can assist by planning well-organized contingencies to cover all types of evacuation being either medical or complete


Crisis Management & Contingency Planning.

The successful production of oil and gas is a major logistical operation -- from locating and investigating new sites, to the movement and implementation of camps.

Advanced security surveys.

The successful production of oil and gas is a major logistical operation — from locating and investigating new sites, to the movement and implementation of camps. It takes an enormous amount of resources to safeguard these sites, and in the past, many companies have relied on a sound cloak of security to prevent theft of equipment, extortion, sabotage and kidnapping of work force members or executives.

BSI understands the processes of this industry and have enforced major security measures to aid in a successful smooth operation, and our services may be joint or independent, dependent upon the threat faced. We utilize a cooperative security force, generating not only good local relations and knowledge, but further enables a cost-effective answer to the needs of the contracting client.

As with all security work, planning and preparation is critical to the success of the operation and the safety of all those involved. A comprehensive security operation will take a holistic approach towards the planning, including multiple scenarios, contingency planning, backup systems and emergency procedures.

Business & Investment in developing countries & areas of political instability.

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 “There are obstacles & crises’s that occur that no businesses, no matter how resilient, can be expected to deal with alone”

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