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We pride ourselves on our standards and reputation that has taken 25 Yrs to build, we do not make promises we cannot keep, our word is our bond.

Businesses operating in high-risk environments are well aware of the potential threats posed to them and their workforce. Situations may occur when benefits of operating in such areas are threatened by hostile operating conditions. The business may feel they have to close down operations temporarily or even permanently. We can assist by planning well-organized contingencies to cover all types of evacuation being either medical or complete withdrawal. Provide a 24 hour Crisis Management Centre Advisor (CMCA), who will advise on matters from bomb threats, internal and external security problems to kidnap and extortion threats.

When the situation arises a crisis can often be detrimental to the running and functional ability of the company. If not fatal to the survival of the company a crisis will be at the very least damaging to it’s reputation, and it’s integrity.

A crisis can be brought out into two broad categories, immediate, and pending. These terms are not set in stone, and they only make the distinction between the two categories. Crisis can be anticipated with business intelligence and effective controls.

BSI will give you the knowledge to effectively plan, implement, test, and reconstruct through lessons learnt in a business crisis management plan.

There are numerous circumstances that can trigger a business crisis; some of the lesser known ones are often not published and often go unnoticed except for the aftermath of a fortune 500 business hits the rock. These circumstances can be Government regulation, high cost legal action, product issues, the list is endless. A conservative risk management demands a highly polished written and concise crisis management plan.


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As a general ruleAs a general rule, we use a military setting, the British UK Special Forces method of threat designation. We have in the past used this to great effect.


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We bring together the right personnel with the relevant experience and know how to create the right sort of logistics and support infrastructure for the group to successfully contend in the World market. for it is the clients, our customers on whom we ultimately depend. In short we can create an atmosphere where business can thrive & prosper.

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We have listed only a few of the more popular services we have to offer on this web site. Our service list is too extensive to list here and therefore if you don’t see the service you are looking for, please contact us with your requirements.

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 “There are obstacles & crises’s that occur that no businesses, no matter how resilient, can be expected to deal with alone”

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