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Geopolitical & Risk Assessment Procedures.

Before considering any activity in new areas, regions or countries you need up to date information, which is accurate and relevant to the client’s interests, eliminating unforeseen pitfalls. We provide detailed surveys and risk assessments which give a clear overall picture. As well as providing specific reports that analyze risks involved with the given location. Sources of information are always cross-referenced to ensure accuracy, utilizing local operational knowledge.

Crisis Management & Contingency Planning.

Bodyguard Services International (BSI) is a unique UK based company providing a wide range of very specialized security & protection services on an emergency, standby or contract basis. We operate on a global capacity and can respond to a pending or immediate crisis situation with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any situation. In the past there has been an increase in terrorist and criminal activities especially bombings, kidnapping, murders and extortion against companies or employees working or expanding within these unstable countries. These countries have been forced to become accustomed to this volatile environment due to a progressive increase of cultural or political unrest.


BSI, was established and developed by former Elite British Military personnel and operates World-wide, this is achieved by appointing a consortium of individuals and companies to various countries from the UK, USA, to the Far East, each individual is conversant with the geography, climate, culture and political structure.


Bodyguard Services International has a very professional and dedicated security management team, providing global proactive advice 24 hours a day. and distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional agents, drawn from various government and Special Forces. These agents have a wealth of exceptional military and commercial operational experience worldwide and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations.

Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning

By assessing the risks and threats to or your company, whether it is expanding overseas to hostile areas, personal security of executives or conducting internal security tests. BSI will identify and assess coercive threats, implement proactive measures in order to negate a possible situation, adopting a series of logical phases to ensure smooth continuity of business is maintained.

Corporate Security

Organized crime is one of the many threats to the modern economy. The organizations, structure and operations of these criminal fraternity’s makes policing and investigations a costly and time consuming task. Most law enforcement agencies only look at serious cases, which will offer a confirmed prosecution. BSI aims to ensure that all security measures undertaken are unobtrusive and kept to the required minimum, therefore maintaining a low profile and creating little disruption to the company.

Public Relations

 It has been proven on numerous occasions that bad PR can undo much hard work and even destroy a corporate image. This in turn may require substantial expenditure of time and money to re-establish, if this can be achieved. PR should never be neglected or after massive investment you could fall foul of public opinion.

This has occurred frequently in recent times especially concerning environmental issues. Our clients business and investments will be faced with a variety of problems covering the whole security procedures and installation measures:

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