BSI have conducted many successful recoveries and have recovered children from. countries all over the world. Successful child recovery relies not only upon an understanding of relevant laws and regulations where a child has been taken to, but also a good working knowledge of the country where the recovery will take place. In addition, an understanding of the psychological and emotional trauma placed on the child and parent must be considered..

This service requires logistical planning and it is therefore essential that all legal steps to recover the child locally have been exhausted by the client. BSI. Is committed to providing a professional and quality service, achieved by innovative and dynamic approaches, through the cross-fertilization of a wide range of resources and technical support. Our capabilities in conducting individual and joint operations with associated professional organizations, ensures that all the client requirements, safety and emotional needs are met.

We are here to help in all aspects of Child Security and Abduction for all criminal purposes.


Having spent many years locating and recovering children from around the globe, it has become clear to us that, all the families want to know is that there is someone out there that can help them.  

Together we will find a way.

Child abduction is the equivalent of a nuclear blast to a family. In many ways, having a child abducted and not ever knowing his or her true fate can be far worse than the receiving news no parent ever wants to here.

“All children have the right to live at home.”

“If your child has been abducted, kidnapped, lost or missing we can help”..

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